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                                                Last year, the city's GDP reached more than 620 billion yuan (.8 billion), while its foreign trade volume came to more than 0 billion, making Dongguan one of the top five exporter cities on the Chinese mainland.Another side effect of the tour is "showoff competition". "The kids compare their summer experiences at school. Bob told that one of his classmates took a trip to 10 European countries last summer and he wanted to go, too. It gives the parents a lot of pressure," Ms. Liu told People's Daily Online.

                                                思耐铂投资管理有限公司执行合伙人 吴茂树



                                                Female returnee: Date job, date man

                                                In 2006, China launched the recoverable satellite SJ-8, which carried four-cell embryos in its orbital module. Scientists successfully received high-resolution pictures of those embryos. However, none grew.

                                                Scientists debate impact of rising sea levels on country's coastal environment


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