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BEIJING -?China will streamline legal proceedings by sorting between complex and simple legal cases, according to a circular issued by the Supreme People's Court (SPC) on Tuesday.

The SPC called for elaborate processes on complicated cases, and emphasized simplified procedures for simple or self-evident cases for optimal allocation of judicial resources.

The circular listed several measures to improve efficiency, including simplified paperwork, pretrial conferences for out-of -court settlement and online servicing of legal instruments.

The circular also advocated smart case handling, for example, holding hearings via remote video.

Chinese courts at all levels have accepted 14.3 million cases this year, more than 80 percent of which were simple lawsuits filed at grass-roots courts.


互联网金融企业追求高频次的客户互动,与客户产生更大粘性。最终,在专家评审和评审的现场投票下,工行省分行工银慧享财富理财团队获得冠军,中国农业银行湖北省分行“金钥匙·管家”理财团队获得亚军。又或许他们是想看看头发蓬乱的亿万富翁理查德·(Richard Branson)位于基德灵顿的旧居。国外vr资源网站有哪些如果用一个时间坐标来衡量,每一场技术革命的周期约为50年,从1991年WWW(WORLDWIDEWEB)出现来算,至2016年互联网发展正好迈过25年的 “上半场”——基础建设阶段基本完成,互联网普及率提高,各行各业都开始被互联网渗透——目前开始进入下半场,是以互联网与传统行业深度结合为主的新阶段。国外vr资源网站有哪些Liu also attended a launch ceremony for a joint cultural program that will introduce Chinese TV dramas to Mongolia.

Media reported one death and one person missing in Fujian province in what has been described as the strongest storm of the year globally.


"CEEC, with its unique advantages in location and industry resources, is going to become the driver of Shenzhen's industry upgrade. It will also help increase influence of the city's electronics information industry."Funds to help poor stolen by officials

Here in Beijing, a yellow-alert is now in effect, with visibility down to 500-meters.国外vr资源网站有哪些The premier also called for further cooperation with Central, East and South Europe to enhance balanced development of the continent. He said China is willing to cooperate in fields such as infrastructure, third-party markets, innovation and research, and cybersecurity.

8.联系方式:招标人:新疆维吾尔自治区交通建设管理局扬大瘦西湖校区南门外的堵点,给市民出行带来很大不便,也引起人大代表和交警部门的重视。国外vr资源网站有哪些(责任编辑: HN666) 音乐课上巴色老师右前正在教同学舞蹈。

(责任编辑:宋政 HN002)中国铁路总公司副总经理杨宇栋任交通部党组成员(图 中国经济网12月7日综合报道(尹彦宏)据交通部官网消息,12月6日,中共交通运输部党组召开会议,学习讨论中央有关文件精神,审议《交通运输部机关干部教育培训管理办法》(送审稿)等。


s up, you won't know how high you stand. In recent years, a trend of glass-bottomed structures has swept across the world.A college in Gansu province said on Monday that it would pay the salary of a teacher with ovarian cancer whom it fired for long-term absenteeism-and who subsequently died.


Duan Qin, a lawyer at Chongqing Luoshu Law Office, said it is employees' right to choose the brand and model of their cell phones, adding that if they were fired for this, they could claim for compensation from the hospital, according to the Labor Contract Law.


从国际上的数据来看,土地紧张的日本,平均居住面积也有31平方米,而我国仅有16平方米,也就是说,住宅消费依然有增长潜力。Paytm的高级副总裁基兰·瓦西雷迪(Kiran Vasireddy)也表示:“过去几年我们见证了历史上史无前例的增长,我们的用户人数大幅度增加。国外vr资源网站有哪些(责任编辑:宋埃米 HT004)“百草之王”吉林人参的全产业链嬗变 人参素有“百草之王”的美誉,历来被视为名贵中药材。



12/07 付息 15寿光小微债(1580288)WB: Investing hasn’t changed much over time. There were 15 students in Ben Grahams’s class (where WBwas an MBA student at Columbia). He focused on cash over 2- 3 years and certain returns.A stock is a bond with coupons on it.Berkshire Hathaway is a stock with coupons attached. Several years ago WB invested in 15 South Korean companies selling at two times earnings.He didn’tknow much about the companies except for their low valuations. He purchased adiversified portfolio.It worked out very well.If you invest ingood companies, you do not need to diversify.