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                                                                                                                  By CAO YIN (chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-01-29 11:25By contrast, the Chinese mainland has less than 300 general aviation airports and landing points, and few maintenance and support facilities, according to Wang Ya'nan, editor-in-chief of Aerospace Knowledge magazine.

                                                                                                                  Economic globalization, represented by trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, has been a strong driving force behind fast global growth in past decades. Yet, this is not to say that there exists any panacea in the world. Frankly, economic globalization has taken its toll on some industries and communities in certain countries to certain extent. Active measures need to be taken to address the problem, but it is always important to keep in mind the bigger picture instead of keeping one' s eyes on the narrow interests only. Economic globalization is a general trend that is in line with the long-term and fundamental interests of all countries. Countries need to stand firm to oppose protectionism of any form, and need to be resolute in upholding the free trade regime represented by the WTO. This is a way to enable sustained and sound economic growth for all countries through win-win and all-win development.Many mainland-based institutions, enterprises, social groups and citizens have been closely following the situation and expressed their sympathies, including those affected by a deadly earthquake in Sichuan Province in 2008 who once received help from Taiwan.

                                                                                                                  China should foster an atmosphere in which the principles of innovation, coordination, green development, openness and sharing are upheld in order to expand economic power as well as overall national strength, he said.



                                                                                                                  炒股心得论文Song said the administration should have supervised the concrete restoration of the Damaoshan section of the Great Wall after examining and approving the project's plan, which did not detail materials or methods.The conference aims to celebrate the progress CLIVAR has made in the past 12 years and achievements that have been made in international-level collaboration and exchanges, according to Detlef Stammer, co-chair of CLIVAR 2016 Open Science Conference Scientific Organizing Committee.


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