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                                                                                                                  龙爱量子产业集团If you ask most people how many times they have broken a bone in their lives, they can come up with the answer pretty quickly. But Wang Mengxing, a 21-year-old artist living in a village in Langfang, Hebei province, puckers a brow at the question. She's not sure how many times she broke a bone in just the past year. Born with brittle-bone disease, snapping a finger or a forearm is an everyday danger despite the protective embraces of a wheelchair and her loving family.Staying with Yi in a firstfloor dorm room next to his - connected by a shared foyer, a kitchenette and bathroom - is his mother, Guo Qiongfen. She left behind her job as a nursing teacher, as well her 10-year-old daughter and husband 2,700 km away in Yuxi, Yunnan province, to care for her only son in Beijing. Although both of them have effusive praise for the help Tsinghua has given them, financial and otherwise, they acknowledge that without her help Yi couldn't shoulder the burdens of student life.


                                                                                                                  With IT devices, students realize their creative potential, writes Guo Ying from China Features"I like the feeling when I solve new problems using the experience I gained in the field and the knowledge I learned at school."


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